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Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd. is a plastic chrome plating service provider based Taiwan since 1969. Electroplating supplies including shiny, satin, nickel to trivalent chromium plastic chrome plating with large plating tanks.

IEC 17025, ROHS plastic chrome plating, TAF certified lab and special chrome plating equipment, Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd. provides electroplating solutions that would exceed your high expectations.

With both advanced plastic chrome plating technology and large electroplating tank sizes, CYH ensures every customer's demands are met.

Acid Cleaning

Acid Cleaning Before Actual Plastic Plating

To Remove Stains, Oxide Films and more

Acid cleaning is a pre-operation to enhance the performance of later plastic electroplating. It cleans the surface of the part. If not used properly, it can damage the surface and lead to rejections and decreased benefit. By doing the cleaning using alkaline cleaners, grease, dirt soils, oils and any other materials will be removed.

acid cleaning before chrome, nickle, and chrome plastic electroplating

CYH has three big plastic electroplating tanks which are providing chrome, nickle and trivalent plating to the clients in significant volume:
Plant #1 Cherng Min Aftermarket: 330*205*80cm (130”*80.7”*31.5”)
Plant #2 Sherng Yi Hsing Aftermarket: 330*180*75cm (130”*70.8”*29.5)
Plant #3 Cherng Yi Hsing OEM Parts: 330*230*85cm (130”*90.5”*33.5”)