Satin Nickel Plastic Electroplating

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Satin Nickel Plastic Electroplating | 44 Years Automotive Parts Plastic Chrome Plating Supplier - CYH

Located in Taiwan, Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd., since 1969, is a Satin Nickel Plastic Electroplating | automotive exterior and interior parts supplier. Professional plastic chrome plating services including bright, satin, trivalent, plastic chrome plating for various auto parts (truck covers, truck center cups, truck wheel simulators, truck grilles).

Plating on plastics, ISO/ IEC 17025 certified. Wide range of electroplating services including automotive parts, home appliances, motorcycle parts with one-stop service. 15,200 sq-ft and 22,000 sq-ft, plant and warehouse based in Taiwan and the U.S.A.

CYH has been providing high-quality plastic plating for the automotive industry, both with advanced chrome plating technology and large electroplating tanks, CYH ensures each client's demands are met.

Satin Nickel Plastic Electroplating

Satin Nickel Plating For Plastic Parts

Satin Nickel Plastic Electroplating
Satin Nickel Plastic Electroplating

Cherng Yi Hsing provides fashionable satin nickel finishes as a versatile alternative to standard bright nickel chrome layers or other decorative deposits. Our processes from the Satin Nickel Plating range provide a variety of fine, regular and very attractive surfaces with a silky and matt decorative appearance.

Cherng Yi Hsing offers a wide range of nickel plating services including dull, brightened deposits. Cherng Yi Hsing has the ability to underplate with copper plating if required or specified to enhance adhesion and corrosion resistance of the final deposit. For applications that demand the highest in ductility, Cherng Yi Hsing offers a proprietary process Satin Nickel plating. This nickel system was developed by Cherng Yi Hsing's engineering group specifically for application within the Automotive Exterior parts and Interior parts.

With over 40 years of ABS/PC+ABS plastic plating experience, our one-stop production ensures high quality chemical plating and finishing performance. GM, Chrysler, Ford and Whirlpool are our clients, and we have been keeping our profession competent.

Our satin nickel electroplating processing is certified, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/TS 16949, and after plating, plating thickness, CASS, thermal test and stone chip test are conducted to ensure its quality.

Because of our multiple chemical plating vat sizes, we are able to plate various items from small to large.

Our chemical tank for plastic electroplating:

- Plant #1 Cherng Min Aftermarket: 330*205*80cm (130”*80.7”*31.5”)
- Plant #2 Sherng Yi Hsing Aftermarket: 330*180*75cm (130”*70.8”*29.5)
- Plant #3 Cherng Yi Hsing OEM Parts: 330*230*85cm (130”*90.5”*33.5”)
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