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44 Years Automotive Parts Plastic Chrome Plating Supplier - CYH

Located in Taiwan, Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd., since 1969, is an automotive exterior and interior parts supplier. Professional plastic chrome plating services including bright, satin, trivalent, plastic chrome plating for various auto parts (truck covers, truck center cups, truck wheel simulators, truck grilles).

Plating on plastics, ISO/ IEC 17025 certified. Wide range of electroplating services including automotive parts, home appliances, motorcycle parts with one-stop service. 15,200 sq-ft and 22,000 sq-ft, plant and warehouse based in Taiwan and the U.S.A.

CYH has been providing high-quality plastic plating for the automotive industry, both with advanced chrome plating technology and large electroplating tanks, CYH ensures each client's demands are met.


ISO/IEC 17025 Recognition Laboratory - Chrome plating inspection criteria

IEC 17025 - TAF Certified Lab for your High Standards

What makes a good plastic electroplated component? The plastic of plating technology today is well-developed to be greener and more efficient. Test lab is providing all kinds of test equipment to satisfy client's specific requirements.

CYH's ISO/ IEC 17025 - TAF certified lab contains various testing machines to assure plated item's quality. Our TAF lab is equipped with a Gravelometer, a thermal cycle test machine, a plating thickness test machine, corrosion test equipment (CASS), peel equipment for adhesion test, sulfate test for its corrosion resistance, cross hatch test to make sure there's no blisters on the cross hatched part, etc.

Test Method
CASS Resist TestQTC Test Machine
TCT Test MachineThickness Test Machine
Stone Chipping Test MachineDrop Tester
Force GageDuctility Test
Active Site TestThickness Test
Peeling TestQTC Test
Microporous TestSaw Grinding Test
Stone Chipping TestDrop Test
MacBeth Light Machine
Thickness Test
  • Cr:0.25↑µm
  • Ni:21µm
  • Cu:15µm
  • Bright Nickel:8µm↑
  • Semi-Nickel:13µm↑
  • STEP: Microporous-Brght 0-40mv Brght-Semi 110-200mv)

  • GMW14668:
  • Cr:0.25~0.5µm
  • Ni:20µm
  • Cu:20µm
  • Total Thickness:40µm↑
  • STEP: Microporous-Brght 10-40mv Brght-Semi 100-200mv)
Plastic Plating Testing Equipment
    ASTM B368
  • Pure Water + NaCI 50g/ + lCuCl2 0.25 g/l
  • Quantity of Fog:
    a. 1.0 to 2.0mL/(80cm2.h)
    b. pH: 3.1 to 3.3
    c. Specific Gravity: 1.030 to 1.040
  • Air Pressure: 1.00&±0.01 Kgf/cm2
  • Chamber Temperature: 49±1°C
  • Air Pressure Temperature: 63°C
Plastic Plating Testing Equipment

Plastic Plating Testing Equipment
Thermal Cycle Test & Quick Thermal Cycle
  • 82°C 1hr
  • Room temperature 1hr or less 1hr
  • -35°C 1hr
  • Room temperature 1hr or less 1hr
  • GMW14668
  • -40°C ± 3°C* 1 hr
  • 90°C + 3°C*1hr
Plastic Plating Testing Equipment

Plastic Plating Testing Equipment
Chipping Stone Test
GMW14668 Plastic Plating Testing Equipment
Microporous Test
Activated Site / Microporous: 10000 pores/cm2 above Plastic Plating Testing Equipment