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Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd. is a plastic chrome plating service provider based Taiwan since 1969. Electroplating supplies including shiny, satin, nickel to trivalent chromium plastic chrome plating with large plating tanks.

IEC 17025, ROHS plastic chrome plating, TAF certified lab and special chrome plating equipment, Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd. provides electroplating solutions that would exceed your high expectations.

With both advanced plastic chrome plating technology and large electroplating tank sizes, CYH ensures every customer's demands are met.

Chrome Plating - Trivalent Chromium

Trivalent Chromium Plating - An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Chrome Bath Using Trivalent Chromium Solutions

CYH's plastic plating process meets EU standards, that is, RoHS certification.

Today, while our plastic electroplating company is trying to enforce its higher rate of deposite, the technology is also moving forward to become greener, in order to make it less harmful to our globe. The trivalent chromium bath is well-known by their high current efficiency and electro-deposition rate, and its solution formulation is less toxic.

Trivalent chrome plating is a safer and more environmentally-friendly manner to electroplate chromium, rather than the traditional hex chrome. It provides much better deposit appearance and the properties of chromium deposits are very desirable in many applications, especially in the automotive accessory and home appliance industries.

Many trials have been made to alternate hexavalent chromium processes with trivalent chromium ones. Different substrates need various etching formulas, and CYH's seasoned plating solution experience allows them minimize potential negative impacts on the environment and workers.

CYH's one-stop production line is capable of supplying certified trivalent chrome electroplating that meets client's requirements regardless of plating part's hardness, surface coating thickness, level of adhesion and water resistance, etc.

Trivalent Chrome Electroplalting - An Plastic of Plating Expert Over 40 Year